Information on androgenetic alopecia hair loss and its presentation in men and women

Male and female pattern hair loss information
 Hair loss in men

Up to 70% of men will experience some degree of pattern baldness at some point in their lives. This area of the web site provide information on the changes in the hair fiber that can occur early in disease development and the patterns of hair loss typically found in men with androgenetic alopecia. The Norwood sclae is a standardized scale which dermatologists use to evaluate the extent of hair loss. Finally, androgen hormoens are discussed as the underlying cause of male pattern baldness.

 Hair loss in women

Hair loss in women is a common event, much more common than most people think. Up to 40% of women will experience hair loss at some point in their lives. Female hair loss is most typically of the androgenetic alopecia type. This section of the web site provides information on the changes that occur in the hair fiber as the condition develops. It also describes the patterns of hair loss that typically occur and discusses the underlying changes in hormones that may cause the disease to develop.