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Androgenetic alopecia . com provides the most important information you need to know about androgen induced hair loss, but much more information is available on other sites. Sometimes our viewpoint differs from other web sites and it is worth reviewing several sites to get a rounded view of hair loss and the treatments available. Androgenetic alopecia . com has no control over the contents of the web sites listed here and the listing of a web site is not an endorsement by androgenetic alopecia . com for the web sites or their contents.


  Hair loss information web sites

Useful hair loss information web sites with advice and discussion on hair loss and hair loss treatments. Check out these sites for alternative viewpoints and ideas about hair loss and treatment approaches.

  Hair loss products and treatments

Web sites with information about specific treatment products. A range of hair loss treatment products are available for the treatment of pattern baldness. Finasteride and minoxidil are popular choices for men, while oral anti androgens are popular with women with thinning hair. Many of these products are only officially available from your doctor like finasteride and anti androgen drugs. Some are available over the counter including minoxidil and ketoconazole containing shampoos.

  Hair transplants and hair restoration

Hair transplantation or other surgical hair restoration techniques are increasingly a popular method of solving pattern hair loss. Transplants can work for both men and women and may be worth looking into especially if drug treatment are not working well for you. When provided by an expert in surgical hair restoration, hair transplants can look natural and provide a long term answer to hair loss.

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Resources on wide range of beauty products and accessories.

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Resources on wide range of health related issues. Detailed info on causes of androgenetic alopecia & its treatments

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